The Spark

About two years ago, my husband told me a co-worker had invited him over for a Magic: The Gathering game night. I was welcome to attend.

I said sure, thinking M:TG was something like Dungeons and Dragons, where you could just sort of join in with a basic character.

Ahh, I was mistaken. My husband informed me it was not like DnD at all, and since I didn’t know how to play, I’d just be there to, essentially, offer moral support.

No way would I sit there watching the boys play! I insisted he teach me how to play, at once if possible!

And somehow the game just captured my imagination and I was hooked. I was pretty hopeless in the beginning, and still not particularly skilled now, but I love playing with friends, I love the lore. . . .

. . . .and I love creating Cubes.


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