Quick Two Player Variations

The most casual of games — two people and some booster packs.

1. Pack Wars I: Open one pack. Your deck is composed of those 15 cards. Add 10 lands, two of each color, to create a finished 25 card deck. Start life totals at 10.

2. Pack Wars II: Open three packs. Your deck is composed of those 45 cards plus 10 lands. You can use a normal life total of 20.

3. Draft I: Draft three packs as usual. Start with 10 mana; each land is capable of producing any color. Have fun casting giant creatures on Turn 1.

4. Draft II: Draft three packs as usual. Add one mana each turn. (Turn 1 = 1 mana, Turn 2 = 2 mana, and so on; the only limit is the end of the game.) Mana can be of any type, but if a card requires two of the same color, increase casting cost by one.

For example, Aerial Valley can be played on Turn 1 — you need one green mana to cast it. However, Aerie Bowmasters (2 green, 2 generic) would need to wait until turn five; you have four different mana available to you. At Turn 5, you can declare the fifth mana to be an additional green.

I like this version because you can buy packs on impulse and play without lands but it’s helpful to have pen/paper or a counter available to keep track of how much mana is available.


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