My First Cube

I learned about Cube from the Professor at Tolarian Community College. At first, I thought it sounded kind of weird. So much work.

But then I thought about how the block I’d like to play doesn’t exist, and might never. Hawaii and its myths, legends, stories, and history map quite well onto MTG’s archetypes. And I love Hawaii.

So I rounded up as many of the random shoe boxes full of cards I could find and just started pulling cards. I grabbed everything that seemed relevant, with little regard for curve, other than trying to have a roughly equal number of cards from each color.

Then I went through, removing cards to get a manageable number. Still no regard for curve. Before playing, I recorded the card list in a spreadsheet.

I did not buy any additional cards for this Cube; it was based on what I already owned.

I also tried to create a storyline for this Cube. Set on the mythical plane of Meliki, 5 sisters, all Planeswalkers, battle for control. Each card in the Cube related to one of these characters. Ultimately, the story didn’t really andd anything and just created an additional layer of complexity.

My husband and I took the Cube out for a spin. And the game stalled. Too many low-level creatures, not enough large creatures or bombs. Additionally, too many copies of the same creature. So many Impetuous Sunchasers.

Afterwards, I returned to my spreadsheet and looked at where I could make changes. Where could I add in some stronger cards? What had too many copies?

Tried again: much more enjoyable game. I especially liked seeing meta that I hadn’t planned on develop.

Lessons learned:

  1. Limit the number of copies of the same card that appear in the Cube.
  2. Curve is at least somewhat important to ensure the game doesn’t stall out.

Card list after the jump.

Card Converted Cost Type Color
Explorer’s Scope X 2 1 Artifact Any
Lens of Clarity X 2 1 Artifact any
Skyblinder Staff 1 Artifact any
Sol Ring X 3 1 Artifact any
Traveler’s Amulet 1 Artifact Any
Charcoal Diamond 2 Artifact Any
Emerald Medallion 2 Artifact Any
Fire Diamond 2 Artifact Any
Fleetfeather Sandals X 2 2 Artifact Any
Jet Medallion 2 Artifact any
Marble Diamond 2 Artifact Any
Moss Diamond 2 Artifact any
Pearl Medallion 2 Artifact Any
Prophetic Prism 2 Artifact any
Ruby Medallion 2 Artifact Any
Sapphire Medallion 2 Artifact Any
Surveyor’s Scope 2 Artifact Any
Thought Vessel X 2 2 Artifact Any
Tormentor’s Trident 2 Artifact Any
Staff of the Death Magus X 3 3 Artifact any
Staff of the Flame Magus X 2 3 Artifact Any
Staff of the Mind Magus X 2 3 Artifact any
Staff of the Sun Magus 3 Artifact any
Staff of the Wild Magus 3 Artifact any
Trading Post 4 Artifact any
Judge’s Familiar 1 creature white blue
Burning Tree Emissary 2 creature red green
Putrid Leech 2 creature black green
Shambleshark 2 creature green blue
Woodlot Crawler 2 creature blue black
Beetleform Mage 3 creature green blue any
Mayael the Anima 3 creature red green white
Mortus Strider 3 creature blue black any
Shambling Shell 3 creature black green any
Vassal Soul 3 creature white blue any
Blazing Hellhound 4 creature black red any
Corpsejack Menace 4 creature black green any
Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch 4 creature black red any
Fathom Mage 4 creature green blue any
Highspire Mantis 4 creature red white any
Zendikar Incarnate 4 creature red green any
Fleetfeather Cockatrice 5 creature blue green any
Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper 5 creature white blue any
Merfolk of the Depths 6 creature green blue any
Ruination Wurm X 2 6 creature red green any
Nimbus Swimmer 2 + X creature green blue any
Destructive Revelry X 2 2 Instant red green
Grisly Salvage 2 Instant black green
Sundering Growth 2 Instant green white
Consume Strength 3 Instant black green any
Winterflame 3 Instant blue red any
Fracturing Gust 5 Instant green white any
Hull Breach 2 Sorcery red green
Firespout 3 Sorcery red green any
Roil Spout X 2 3 Sorcery white blue any
Master the Way 5 Sorcery blue red any
Skull Rend 5 Sorcery black red any
Cliffside Lookout 1 creature white
Expedition Envoy 1 creature white
Hopeful Eidolon X 2 1 creature white
Soulmender 1 creature white
Oppressive Rays X 2 1 enchantment – aura white
Brave the Elements 1 instant white
Enshrouding Mist 1 instant white
Gods Willing 1 instant white
Fortified Rampart X 2 2 creature white any
Keening Apparition 2 creature white any
Stone Haven Medic X 2 2 creature white any
Traveling Philosopher 2 creature white any
Wall of Essence 2 creature white any
Wall of Essence 2 creature white any
Font of Vigor 2 enchantment white any
Rest in Peace 2 enchantment white any
Grasp of the Hieromancer 2 enchantment – aura white any
Last Breath 2 instant white any
Revoke Existence 2 sorcery white
Soul Summons 2 sorcery white any
Soul Summons X 2 2 sorcery white any
Elite Skirmisher X 2 3 creature white any
Ghostblade Eidolon X 2 3 creature white any
Sandcrafter Mage X 2 3 creature white any
Scholar of Athreos 3 creature white any
Banishing Light 3 enchantment white any
Pillar of Light 3 instant white any
Sandblast 3 instant white any
Wing Shards 3 instant white any
Healing Hands 3 sorcery white any
Lingering Souls 3 sorcery white any
Sheer Drop 3 sorcery white any
Solemn Offering X 2 3 sorcery white any
Spectral Procession X 2 3 sorcery white any
Abzan Skycaptain 4 creature white any
Heliod’s Emissary 4 creature white any
Phantom General X 3 4 creature white any
Field of Souls 4 enchantment white any
Valor in Akros 4 enchantment white any
Sunbond 4 enchantment – aura white any
Eyes in the Skies X 2 4 instant white any
Smite the Monstrous 4 instant white any
Excoriate 4 sorcery white any
Ghostly Sentinel X 3 5 creature white any
Silent Artisan 5 creature white any
Supply-Line Cranes X 2 5 creature white any
Vanquish the Foul 6 sorcery white any
Archangel’s Light 8 sorcery white any
Glimpse the Sun God 1 + X instant white any
Annihlating Fire 3 instant red any
Bloodfire Enforcers 4 creature red any
Boiling Earth 2 sorcery red any
Cinder Wall 1 creature red
Circle of Flame X 2 2 enchantment red any
Demolish X 2 4 sorcery red any
Earthquake 1 + X sorcery red any
Firemantle Mage X 2 3 creature red any
Flamespeaker Adept X 2 3 creature red any
Inferno Fist 2 enchantment – aura red any
Lavastep Rider 1 creature red
Lightening Strike 2 instant red any
Lizard Warrior 4 creature red any
Magma Jet 2 instant red any
Magma Spray 1 instant red
Magmaquake 2 + X instant red any
Magmatic Chasm 2 sorcery red any
Molten Nursery 3 enchantment red any
Peak Eruption 3 sorcery red any
Portent of Betrayal 4 sorcery red any
Rite of the Raging Storm 5 enchantment red any
Rolling Earthquake 1 + X sorcery red any
Scouring Sands X 2 2 sorcery red any
Searing Blood 2 instant red
Seismic Rupture 3 sorcery red any
Seismic Strike 3 instant red any
Sigiled Skink X 2 2 creature red any
Spark Jolt 1 instant red
Street Spasm 1 + X instant red any
Thunderous Might 2 enchantment – aura red any
Valakut Predator X 3 3 creature red any
Vent Sentinel 4 creature red any
Volcanic Geyser 2 + X instant red any
Volcanic Upheaval 4 instant red any
Wall of Fire X 2 3 creature red any
Wrap in Flames 4 sorcery red any
Magma Giant 7 creature red any
Fire Elemental X 2 5 creature red any
Volcanic Vision 7 sorcery red any
Where Ancients Tread 5 enchantment red any
Volcanic Offering 5 instant red any
Volcanic Rambler X 3 6 creature red any
Lava Axe 5 sorcery red any
Boulderfall 8 instant red any
Pinnacle of Rage 6 sorcery red any
Crater Hellion X 2 6 creature red any
Lightening Diadem 6 enchantment – aura red any
Pyroclasm X 2 2 sorcery red any
Vandalize 5 sorcery red any
Tin Street Market 5 enchantment – aura red any
Bloodsoaked Champion 1 creature black
Crippling Blight 1 enchantment – aura black
Disowned Ancestor X 2 1 creature black
Drainpipe Vermin 1 creature black
Duress 1 sorcery black
Pharika’s Chosen 1 creature black
Predator’s Gambit 1 enchantment – aura black
Pulse Tracker 1 creature black
Sludge Crawler 1 creature black
Typhoid Rats 1 creature black
Ancestral Vengeance 2 enchantment – aura black
Bile Blight 2 instant black
Black Cat 2 creature black any
Brain Maggot 2 creature black any
Cast into Darkness 2 enchantment – aura black any
Gurmag Swiftwing 2 creature black any
Gutter Skulk 2 creature black any
Macabre Waltz X 2 2 sorcery black any
Marsh Casualties 2 sorcery black
Sign in Blood 2 sorcery black
Smallpox 2 sorcery black
Spiteful Returned 2 creature black any
Black Oak of Odunos 3 creature black any
Corpse Blockage 3 creature black any
Eyeblight Assassin 3 creature black any
Festergloom 3 sorcery black any
Reap the Seagraf 3 sorcery black any
Ruinous Path 3 sorcery black any
Sewer Shambler X 2 3 creature black any
Wakedancer 3 creature black any
Wall of Limbs X 3 3 creature black any
Accursed Spirit X 2 4 creature black any
Blightcaster 4 creature black any
Forsaken Drifters X 2 4 creature black any
March of the Returned 4 sorcery black any
Sever the Bloodline 4 sorcery black any
Squelching Leeches 4 creature black any
Weight of the Underworld 4 enchantment – aura black any
Death’s Caress 5 sorcery black any
Demon’s Grasp 5 sorcery black any
Fearsome Awakening 5 creature black any
Kheru Deadmaw 5 creature black any
Murderous Cut 5 instant black any
Reach of Shadows X 2 5 instant black any
Rotfeaster Maggot 5 creature black any
Shriekmaw 5 creature black any
Swarm of Bloodflies 5 creature black any
Champion of Stray Souls 6 creature black any
Deadly Tempest 6 sorcery black any
Grave Exchange 6 sorcery black any
Smog Elemental 6 creature black any
Gurmag Angler 7 creature black any
Marshmist Titan X 2 7 creature black any
Terrus Wurm X 2 7 creature black any
Kraken Hatchling 1 creature blue
Merfolk Spy 1 creature blue
Triton Shorestalker 1 creature blue
Triton Shorethief 1 creature blue
Vortex Elemental 1 creature blue
Clutch of Currents 1 sorcery blue
Coral Merfolk 2 creature blue any
Coralhelm Guide 2 creature blue any
Deepwater Hypnosis 2 creature blue any
Fathom Seer 2 creature blue any
Fog Bank 2 creature blue any
Harbinger of the Tides 2 creature blue
Maritime Guard 2 creature blue any
Sigiled Starfish 2 creature blue any
Tightening Coils 2 creature blue any
Vaporkin 2 creature blue any
Pin to the Earth 2 enchantment – aura blue any
Turn the Tide 2 instant blue any
Voyage’s End 2 instant blue any
Ancient Crab 3 creature blue any
Coral Barrier 3 creature blue any
Halimar Tidecaller 3 creature blue any
Man-o’-War 3 creature blue any
Marang River Prowler 3 creature blue any
Merfolk Wayfinder 3 creature blue any
Phantom Warrior 3 creature blue any
Riptide Survivor 3 creature blue any
Watercourser 3 creature blue any
Wavecrash Triton 3 creature blue any
Chant of the Skifsang 3 enchantment – aura blue any
Encrust 3 enchantment – aura blue any
Hydrolash 3 instant blue any
Breaching Hippocamp 4 creature blue any
Clinging Anemones 4 creature blue any
Cloud Manta 4 creature blue any
Mist Raven 4 creature blue any
Reef Worm 4 creature blue any
Thassa’s Emissary 4 creature blue any
Triton Cavalry 4 creature blue any
Bident of Thassa 4 enchantment artifact blue any
Griptide 4 instant blue any
Sudden Storm 4 instant blue any
Coastal Discovery 4 sorcery blue any
Pull from the Deep 4 sorcery blue any
Stolen Goods 4 sorcery blue any
Whelming Wave 4 sorcery blue any
Ancient Carp 5 creature blue any
Riftwing Cloudskate 5 creature blue any
Sealock Monster 5 creature blue any
Stormsurge Kraken 5 creature blue any
Brine Elemental 6 creature blue any
Deep-Sea Terror 6 creature blue any
Dirgur Nemesis 6 creature blue any
Kapsho Kitefins 6 creature blue any
Wave-Wing Elemental 6 creature blue any
Waterwhirl 6 instant blue any
Crush of Tentacles 6 sorcery blue any
Colossal Whale 7 creature blue any
Pearl Lake Ancient 7 creature blue any
Scourge of Fleets 7 creature blue any
Lorthos, the Tidemaker 8 creature blue any
Breaching Leviathan 9 creature blue any
Inkwell Leviathan 9 creature blue any
Deep-Sea Kraken 10 creature blue any
Caustic Caterpillar 1 creature green
Urban Burgeoning 1 enchantment – aura green
Nature’s Panoply 1 instant green
Deadly Recluse 2 creature green any
Disciple of the Old Ways 2 creature green any
Gatecreeper Vine 2 creature green any
Rot Shambler 2 creature green
Sakura-Tribe Elder 2 creature green any
Smoke Teller 2 creature green any
Vinelasher Kudzu 2 creature green any
Wall of Blossoms 2 creature green any
Wall of Mulch 2 creature green any
Khalni Heart Expedition 2 enchantment green any
Nylea’s Presence 2 enchantment – aura green any
Back to Nature 2 instant green any
Naturalize 2 instant green any
Plummet 2 instant green any
Earthen Arms 2 sorcery green any
Explore X 2 2 sorcery green any
Mulch 2 sorcery green any
Rampant Growth 2 sorcery green any
Seek the WIlds 2 sorcery green any
Sylvan Scrying 2 sorcery green any
Battering Krasis 3 creature green any
Crocanura 3 creature green any
Gloomwidow 3 creature green any
Hitchclaw Recluse 3 creature green any
Hornet Nest 3 creature green any
Invasive Species 3 creature green any
Invasive Species 3 creature green any
Reclamation Sage 3 creature green any
Rootwalla 3 creature green any
Skullwinder 3 creature green any
Yeva’s Forcemage 3 creature green any
Retreat to Kazandu 3 enchantment green any
Verdant Haven 3 enchantment – aura green
Aerial Predation 3 instant green any
Beast Within 3 instant green any
Clinging Mists 3 Instant green any
Consign to Dust 3 instant green any
Hindervines 3 instant green any
Natural Connection 3 instant green any
Vine Snare 3 instant green any
Cultivate 3 sorcery green any
Time to Feed 3 sorcery green any
Bloodspore Thrinax 4 creature green any
Giant Mantis 4 creature green any
Graverobber Spider 4 creature green any
Korozda Monitor 4 creature green any
Murasa Ranger 4 creature green any
Undergrowth Scavenger 4 creature green any
Into the Wilds 4 enchantment green any
Chorus of Might 4 instant green any
Sudden Reclamation 4 instant green any
Tempt to Discover 4 sorcery green any
Whirlwind 4 sorcery green any
Wild Instincts 4 sorcery green any
Beautiful Harvest 5 sorcery green any
Skysnare Spider 6 creature green any
Vastwood Gorger 6 creature green any
Hornet Queen 7 creature green any
Walker of the Grove 8 creature green any
Mana Bloom 2 + X enchantment green any
Arcane Lighthouse X 3 land any
Blossoming Sands land green white
Breeding Pool land green blue
Cinder Barrens land black red
Coral Atoll land any blue
Dormant Volcano land any red
Evolving Wilds X 2 land sacrifice
Ghost Quarter X 3 land any
High Market X 2 land any
Jungle Hollow land black green
Jungle Hollow land black green
Lumbering Falls land green blue
Mana Confluence land any
Opal Palace land any
Polluted Mire land black
Prairie Stream land white blue
Reflecting Pool land any
Seaside Citadel land green white blue
Shivan Reef land blue red
Submerged Bone Yard land blue white
Temple Gardens land green whte
Temple of the False God X 4 land any
Temple of Triumph land red white
Tranquil Cove land white blue
Unknown Shores X 6 land any
Vivid Grove land green any
Vivid Meadow land white any
Yavimaya Coast land any green blue

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