New Drafting Ideas

Currently working on a Halloween Cube. I’m really digging Commander Cubes, though this will probably be the last one for awhile, because of drafting fatigue.

To combat that fatigue, I’m going to try something new for choosing commanders and drafting.

So far, while drafting Commander Cubes, I use this procedure:

Place 4 cards face-up on the table. Go around the table, replacing the chosen card with a new one. The person who went last in Draft 1 goes first in Draft 2.

Draft 1 round of 3+ color commanders.
Draft 2 rounds of 2 color commanders.
Draft 1 round of 1 color commanders.

This ensures a variety, but what happens is someone generally gets stuck with several not-so-good picks that might not even be in the same colors.

For Halloween-themed commanders, though, I have roughly 13 3+ color commanders, and 16 2-color and 16 1-color. And roughly 11 Planeswalkers.

With so many choices, unlike previous Cubes, we could do an actual draft with packs. Still, that takes forever and has that same risk of winding up with a bunch of legendaries that don’t play well.

So I’m putting the commanders together. Everyone will choose a 3+ color commander, and then receive 2 2-color and 1 1-color commander, as well as 1 Planeswalker,  that all work well together and share color identities.

I’m also thinking of putting together lands for each commander. When drafting special lands, I’ve also run into the problem of people getting stuck with lands they can’t lose. So I’m thinking put non-basic lands with options like “one generic mana/mana of your choice/mana of your commander’s color identity” into the general card pool, and putting together little packs with Guildgates that specifically match the various commanders.

I also have 50000 Sol Rings, so I’ll probably give one to each player, too.


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