Horde Magic

I just learned about the format Horde Magic — basically, the players are united against a Horde (like a horde of zombies). It’s similar to something like Two-Headed Giant in that the players all play at the same time but have their own decks, mana pool, etc. The Horde Deck is meant to be automated — mainly tokens and cards with clear rules, no X mana or “target creature/player.”

I really want to try this format, although I worry it could be a disaster. I’m actually not a fan of cooperative games because usually one player becomes the dominant voice and it’s like you’re not really playing, just doing what Chris tells you to.

But I have an idea…….

……..for a Cube.

Because of how long it took to make, I probably won’t tear apart my Halloween Cube any time soon. I had thought about making a politics Cube, but after Nov. 8, it won’t really be relevant, and since it’ll mostly just be Conspiracy cards, it’ll be complicated to play. Something simple is more appealing.

I’ve been toying around with my “All Women Cube” for awhile, and definitely will be able to make a stronger Cube thanks to Kaladesh. Obviously an all-female Commander Cube is appealing, but I’ve done so many recently.

But I was thinking I could put together a “normal” Cube and also put together a couple of Horde Decks. Wouldn’t really be any card crossover, so we could just play whatever sounds fun — a normal attack-each-other game? Or a game to defeat the Horde?

Beyond that, I was thinking of two different Horde Decks — a dragon deck and a wolf/werewolf deck.

An additional plus side, I think, is that I won’t get as bored with this Cube as quickly, since there are built in variations.



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