Event Decks

When I first started playing Magic, I knew there was an overarching story, but I didn’t know how you learned the story other than reading the inserts in the Intro decks. Didn’t yet know about the books, comics, and the websites. But I did know Event Decks existed! So I assumed these decks were tied in to the story. Like, play these decks to decide the fate of the world. (And there are  decks from Theros block like that, which work sort of like Horde Decks.)

I still think that’s what they should be.

Last week I was writing about Horde Magic. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the Horde deck(s) I want to build, and realize that this is becoming what I thought Event Decks were — a constructed deck that tells a story and has a meaningful outcome. I’m stoked.

I had originally thought to make a Horde Deck based on dragons. Then I was thinking I could do one based on Bisclavret; it’s a werewolf story from 12th century France. Building from that, could make a Beauty and the Beast Horde Deck. Or maybe one based on Sir Orfeo.

Anyway, this is something I want to build for my birthday, which is still two months away.


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