Conspiracy Conspiracy Cube

Last week, I threw together a quick Cube based on conspiracy theories. I love conspiracy theories (and aliens and “unexplained mysteries” and all that) even though I generally don’t believe them. I thought this Cube would be more fun than an actual “politics” Cube. And after several Commander Cubes in a row, we’re all exhausted. However, the conspiracy element meant this Cube was still special.

It was a lot of fun!

I have 17 individual conspiracies. I doubled up a couple so I have 24 cards, which means 8 players get 3 each.

One person shuffles the conspiracies and another deal them out. Everyone looks at their conspiracies before drafting.

Three packs of 15 cards for each player. I included up to 4 copies of each card. This worked well for creature cards, but created problems for other spell types. I plan on tweaking the cards later this week, and remove multiples for sorceries, instants, etc, and perhaps add more multiples of creatures.

The Cube has far more blue than other colors.


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