Art Observations

I’ve pulled the cards for my all-female Cube, and ordered cards to round it out. I spent some time scouring cards in the older sets. This isn’t scientific, but here’s what I noticed:

The early sets seemed pretty equitable. As the story began to coalesce, especially around Urza’s Saga, the cards became much more one-sided. My guess is that, as often happens, the majority of the characters in the storyline were male, and the cards reflected that. No one was intentionally trying to keep women out, but……

More fantasy creatures, like orcs, were added to the sets, and they were almost all male, as well. I think we tend to default to fantasy creature = monster = male. I mean, are there any female orcs in the Lord of the Rings movies?

Then there was some course correction, roughly around the original Ravnica block, to get a more equal number of characters. There are lots of female “monsters” in Return to Ravnica and Theros, and there are definitely female orcs in Tarkir. And now in Kaladesh, we’re seeing a lot of female characters, and more women/people of color, too, which is awesome.

Again, not scientific, this is all perception. Still though, I have cards pulled and waiting to be organized for the Cube, and they full up two of the bundle boxes, and that’s it, so that’s only about 200 cards I think? Not that I own every single card with women on it, and I’m not including cards that are 50-50 male and female. But out of the thousands of cards I have, that’s it?

Definitely hope we continue to see lots of cool ladies in Amonkhet.


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