Finished Card Lists

I’ve finished my Horde decks; we’ll be playing them for the first time on the 17th. I hope everyone enjoys playing them! Not sure if it’ll be a one-time thing or what. My one concern is that I ordered tokens and a tuck box from Superior POD and I don’t know if it’ll arrive in time. I place the order at the end of November. Thinking about back up plans.

I’ve also finished my card list for my All Women Cube. A lot more white than anything else, since I included angels. I thought there’d be more red, because of Chandra and Jaya, but it’s pretty low. I thought there wouldn’t be much black, but there’s Liliana, Gisa, Olivia…..  There’s 753 unique cards, more than enough for an 8 person Cube. I had thought about converting it into a Commander Cube, but I’m not sure I have enough without having to buy more cards.


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