New Cube

I get up at 6:30 AM. Commute to work, 1.5 hours. Work 8 hours. Commute back, 1.5 hours. Get home by about 6:30 PM. In bed by 9.

Yet I’m always thinking about Cube.

I’ve just finished the card list for the next one, Bestiary. The cards are based on the Aberdeen Bestiary, a medieval book about the natural world written in the 1100s. Bestiaries are fascinating, and I chose this one because the animal list is long and pretty complete. I also wanted to have some kind of parameters, otherwise why not just pull every creature from Theros block?

Additionally, I’m crafting this as an intro Cube. I’ve talked to my friendly local game shop, and we’re going to make it an event on the calendar. First weekend in March, most likely. A deadline is helpful for getting cards pulled and packs made. And cards from like the last three Cubes need to be organized and put away. Hard to do when I have 3 hours a night during the week!

Anyway, I’m very excited. I even got some neat old cards with things like phasing. There’s more green than anything (since it’s creature based), but I think there’s a good balance among the other colors.


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