The next idea

I’ve been wrestling with my next Cube idea. We’re still playing with the Bollywood one; this is longer than I normally play a Cube but for various reasons, we’ve missed a lot of weekends at the shop. In fact, I went on vacation and left my Cube at the shop.

I want to do a Bats Cats Rats Cube, but definitely going to wait until Hour of Devastation is released. Soon!

I think some kind of “group hug” Cube would be fun, but going through the rules text and figuring out the draft pool is daunting.

I’ve been toying with a Tarot card commander Cube. Like each commander would represent one of the major arcana, the draft pool the minor arcana. But finding analogs takes time, especially when I want to try to limit the commanders to 2+ colors. I have 177 Legendary creatures at the moment, and 28 planeswalkers.

Planning is the most fun for me, but sometimes it’s nice to get something finished, too!


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