“Only 90s Kids” Cube

Whenever I describe a new Cube, I’m always nervous the other players won’t like it. I don’t know why; even “bad” Cubes have been fun, and I’ve been to hear suggestions for improvement. Still.

“Only 90s Kids” features cards originally printed in 1999 or early. It was fun to put together:

  1. Look up the release dates for MtG products
  2. Do a search on Gatherer for those products
  3. Copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet
  4. Cross-reference the sheet with my personal inventory
  5. Pull cards

It was neat to see cards like Conviction that have been published just a few times (Stronghold, Tempest Remastered, and Kaladesh in this case).

I also created proxies for the first time, for cards like Black Lotus and Mox Opal. Cards I’ll never be able to afford. I printed them at about 75%, and then glued them to Plains. I used a glue that specifically guarantees it won’t wrinkle. So far so good.

I thought about using the old rules, but I started reading up on them and. . .yeah, no. Only current rules and errata’d text.

We had a ton of fun, and everyone said they really enjoyed it. Most of the cards were pretty bonkers. I got out Kismet on turn 4 and my husband Planar Void on turn 1 and that really locked down the game. I won thanks to lifegain synergies (34 life!) two people loss due to milling, and the fourth player put up a valiant fight but I took him out with a 3/3.

I hope we have more players next week!


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