How Did It Go?

This past weekend was the official “Intro to Cube” event at my local game store. Did I have a good time? Yes. Did it go how I’d hoped? No.

Only one person showed up for Cube. I’ve had more players just randomly join in. Added to that: he was completely new to Magic!

So it was nice that my husband and I could just focus on teaching him, and we didn’t have other, more experienced players maybe getting impatient. But I wasn’t expecting to teach Magic. What should have been a quick game lasted nearly 3 hours.

The man decided to leave after that, but the shop co-owner and another player asked to play. The fourth player was also new to Magic, having only started playing within the last few months.

Overall, the games were really fun, and the Cube itself was a lot of fun.

Intro to Cube Session!

On Saturday, I will be presenting a little session on what Cube is at the local game shop. I’m so excited! It’s scheduled for the same time as Standard, so I’m real curious who will show up.

I’ve pulled the cards and now I’m going through to make sure there’s not too many copies of any one card. Then I need to make packs, and then we can play!

New Cube

I get up at 6:30 AM. Commute to work, 1.5 hours. Work 8 hours. Commute back, 1.5 hours. Get home by about 6:30 PM. In bed by 9.

Yet I’m always thinking about Cube.

I’ve just finished the card list for the next one, Bestiary. The cards are based on the Aberdeen Bestiary, a medieval book about the natural world written in the 1100s. Bestiaries are fascinating, and I chose this one because the animal list is long and pretty complete. I also wanted to have some kind of parameters, otherwise why not just pull every creature from Theros block?

Additionally, I’m crafting this as an intro Cube. I’ve talked to my friendly local game shop, and we’re going to make it an event on the calendar. First weekend in March, most likely. A deadline is helpful for getting cards pulled and packs made. And cards from like the last three Cubes need to be organized and put away. Hard to do when I have 3 hours a night during the week!

Anyway, I’m very excited. I even got some neat old cards with things like phasing. There’s more green than anything (since it’s creature based), but I think there’s a good balance among the other colors.

Another Game of Horde

Bisclavret was more fun playing it as a “werewolf” deck instead of trying to tell a specific story.

We tried a new rule: if we dealt damage to the horde, we put that many cards from its library into its graveyard, but then played an “anthem” card — a card with text like “all tokens get +1/+1.” That helped even out the power levels.

Dragons kicked our ass, though.

Playing with the Horde

I created three Horde decks to play with my friends: dragons, prehistoric creatures, and werewolves. The werewolf deck was based on the medieval story “Bisclavret,” and so the cards were in a specific order, somewhat like a Theros Hero deck.

First we drafted from my all female Cube. This actually created a problem because I had seeded the decks — for example, every player had at least one Planeswalker. Our decks were actually a little too strong for the Horde.

The Dragon and Bisclavret Hordes have 100 cards; Prehistoric Creatures 60. Dragons and Prehistoric creatures were shuffled before play.

We had three turns to set up defenses, then the Horde started playing. We drew cards until we pulled a non-token card, then everything went on the battlefield. When we did damage, we put cards from the library into the graveyard — eventually we modified that to, “until we reached the first non-token card.”

The Bisclavret deck was a disaster. It never got a chance to take a hold and we defeated it very easily. I’d like to try it again as just a “werewolf horde.” The Hero decks or Archenemy decks have specific cards in them that effect the game state; I didn’t really have that for my hordes.

Another problem, with all of the decks, was lack of recursion. Obviously, zombies are great because it’s pretty easy to get them out of the graveyard. Much more difficult for the decks I made.

Overall, I’d say it was pretty fun. It was fun drafting and no one was hate drafting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have the Horde decks put together and would like to play them again, especially against, mmmm, less powerful decks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finished Card Lists

I’ve finished my Horde decks; we’ll be playing them for the first time on the 17th. I hope everyone enjoys playing them! Not sure if it’ll be a one-time thing or what. My one concern is that I ordered tokens and a tuck box from Superior POD and I don’t know if it’ll arrive in time. I place the order at the end of November. Thinking about back up plans.

I’ve also finished my card list for my All Women Cube.ย A lot more white than anything else, since I included angels. I thought there’d be more red, because of Chandra and Jaya, but it’s pretty low. I thought there wouldn’t be much black, but there’s Liliana, Gisa, Olivia….. ย There’s 753 unique cards, more than enough for an 8 person Cube. I had thought about converting it into a Commander Cube, but I’m not sure I have enough without having to buy more cards.


We bought Planechase over the weekend. We used the planar deck with my Cube, and it was super fun and crazy.

I was playtesting my rebuilt Make or Break Cube, so in some ways the planar cards worked well, adding in even more chaos. But it was difficult to tell how well the Cube was working on its own!

The planes sometimes benefit one player, sometimes none, sometimes all. Planar cards are popular in Commander; I think it’d be fun to use with Conspiracy — not only would there be the usual deals, but then add in the “please don’t roll the die and change the plane” element…..So much fun. And possible hatred. ๐Ÿ™‚